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Nov 5, 2012 5:00pm EST
& of campaignnng in battleground florida --romney says: "we need every single vote - in fl // we an egii a better tomorrow, tommrrow. and pwith the help of tte people in lorida, that's exactly &pwhat's going to happen."romney -- making five stops in our critical swing states - including ohio - considered a must-winnstate.ppesident obama will also visst later today n his final sprint toothe inish - that iinludes three rallies innthree midwestern states. say wisconsii, that i know & whattreaa change ooks like, you've got cause tt beliive in me because you've ssen me fight for it /// seen the gray hair on my head tooshow 3 change."innthis deadlockee race - turnout is key...early of states with at least 30 million votessalready cast... & axelrod ays: " /i>beeieving ggvernor romney electoral otes needed to win the presidency -his campaign - 3 wwllace says: " you are predicting over 300 eleetoral votes?" beeson says: "it is going toobe a big win for g
Nov 6, 2012 5:00pm EST
florida and pennsylvania as - paattoff16 states pluss washiigton d-c to enddvoting. plorida is critical with 299 ppnnsylvania, no republican presidential candidate has won tte state in nnarly a uarter century.--at 9...pollssclose minnesota nd michigan have hissorically been considered &psafely democratii...but the romney camp made some last minute moves there.--at 10 ooclocc, polls close in the ptates...iowa anddnnvaaa.bott &pttward obama. but the romney camp is hoping for a surprise win. here's... ourr question of the day.. who... do you think ....ill win... thh race forrpresidentt go... to... fox- paltimore dot com .../ tell us... what you &pthink.../. soundd.. off... thru... facebook..... send... us... a tweet.. at foxxaltimore.../. text... p your nswer to ...44-203..../ enter... obama.. / fox45 gives you the most in- depth coverage online tonight. we will stteam our newscasts... and stream &pthe presidential acceptance on our websste... foxbaltimore dot cco. official results will also be updated automaticclly. au
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2